Can vacuum compression bags be reused


A bag that can be used repeatedly to extract air and al […]

A bag that can be used repeatedly to extract air and allow atmospheric pressure to compress naturally. In short, vacuum compression bag is mainly used for packing quilts and various kinds of clothes. Vacuum compression bag is moisture-proof, mould proof, moth proof and odor proof.
Its working principle is to extract the air inside the quilts and clothes (as if pressing the sponge will shrink), so as to reduce the volume. It uses atmospheric pressure to flatten the originally expanded quilts and other items, isolate the external air, so as to save space, and achieve the functions of dustproof, mildew proof, moisture-proof and insect proof.
But although it is a vacuum compression bag, it is not an absolute vacuum. Today's products generally use a vacuum cleaner or a manual air pump to pump out the air in the bag. The vacuum compression bag has the functions of moisture-proof, mildew proof, moth proof and odor proof. The air in the compression bag and clothing quilt is pumped out by the air extraction tool, so as to reduce the volume and increase the storage space.

Precautions for use:
1. Please dry the clothes and bedding before putting them into the collection bag. Do not put insect repellent, preservative and bedding into the bag at the same time, so as to avoid discoloration and deterioration of the collected articles.
2. Clothing, bedding and other items should be placed in the bag as far as possible, at least cm away from the zipper. Do not put large items into the bag forcibly to avoid breaking the opening. Please select the compression bag of corresponding specifications.
3. If the zipper part of the compressed bag is often bent, it will deform and reduce the sealing performance, so please keep the bag. If there are micro fibers and dust in the zipper part, the sealing performance will be reduced. The solution is to clean it with a cloth dampened with water and then close the zipper.
4. In some cases, the bag may not be able to extract air. In this case, the transparent air plug in the air mouth of the compressed bag may be removed. If the air plug is taken out, it will not be able to extract air. The customer should put the air plug back in to extract air.
5. The pumping time of the manual pump is about five to eight minutes. According to the different specifications of the compression bag, the pumping time will vary accordingly.
6. Please clean the garbage in the vacuum cleaner before use, so as not to affect the absorption efficiency. When inhaling, pat the surface of the compression bag with your hand, which can play an auxiliary role in inhaling.