Characteristics of vacuum compression bag under vacuum


AD abdomen machine is a high-tech product that uses new […]

AD abdomen machine is a high-tech product that uses new technology to achieve body sculpting. Its structure combines body, aerobic, stretching, pressure relief and massage. Designed with ergonomics and mechanical structure, it requires no skill, quick experience and easy to use. Efficiently exercise the waist, abdomen, arms, and leg muscles to achieve a beauty and body effect. Stretch and relieve the pressure on the back and waist.

Vacuum compressed bags product features: healthy, no medicine, no diet, no effort, easy and save money, abdomen can massage the spine at the same time; shaking 5 minutes is equivalent to 500 sit-ups; 1 day 1 cent, shake off the big belly , shake out a good figure.

Both men, women and children are applicable. The method of use refers to the following four parts

1. Whenever and wherever you only need to take out the AD abdomen exercise machine can sit up and start abdomen movement

2. The back easily back to rely on, the elastic device of the AD abdomen exercise machine began to launch the body to bounce back, one abdomen movement easily completed

3. After 3 minutes of exercise, the EMG showed an increase of 233% in exercise and 26% in fat consumption. Apparently felt a burning sensation in the abdomen

4. After the abdomen exercise is completed, not only the lower abdomen is tightened, but also the back and neck are as comfortable and relaxed as being massaged