Explosion-proof vacuum compression bag use precautions


Explosion-proof vacuum compressed bags are safer and mo […]

Explosion-proof vacuum compressed bags are safer and more reliable than ordinary compression bags. But even if it is used in some places, it is worth noting.

First, do not put the impact-proof and the suit into the compression bag at the same time, so as to avoid discoloration, deterioration, etc. of the items being collected;

Second, don't worry when there is no air in the compression bag. This is mainly caused by the user removing the transparent air plug in the air bag of the compression bag, and the air can be extracted as long as the air plug is put back.

Third, when using a compression bag for loading, avoid heat source, fire, and do not use hard objects such as needles and nails to directly contact the compression bag to avoid damage to the bag.

Fourth, when the compressed bag after evacuation shows a bulging phenomenon, the effect of the vacuum compression bag is affected.

Fifth, the vacuum cleaner should clean the garbage inside before use, so as not to affect the absorption efficiency. When inhaling, tapping the surface of the compression bag with your hand can help the inhalation.

Sixth, the stored items should be clean, dry and non-perishable. Do not put food in the bag.