How to vacuum the vacuum compression bag


Compression bag material The material of the compressio […]

Compression bag material
The material of the compression bag is generally PE+PET bag, which has better adhesion. Now it is also a material used for bags. However, the disadvantage of such a vacuum compression bag is that it is relatively brittle. In addition, it is the MOPE compression bag that is common in supermarkets. The bag of this material has poor adhesion and is easy to leak. He is particularly soft and feels better than other bags. Nowadays, more materials for exporting compression bags are PA. +PE, the bag of this material has better flexibility and higher adhesion, and it is not easy to leak, so the cost is relatively high.
Vacuum compression bag use method
1. Before putting the clothes and quilts into the compression bag, first dry the clothes and quilts, then fold them into a shape that is convenient for storage, and put them into the bag as much as possible, at least a few centimeters from the closure zipper.
2. Check if the zipper seal is clean before pulling the zipper. Is there any fine fiber or dust? Fine fiber or dust may reduce the tightness of the compression bag, causing the compression bag to leak. If it is, wipe it with a cloth dampened with water.
3. Install the slide and press the slide zipper with your hand. Pull it slowly and lightly to the other end of the zipper. When you pull it to two-thirds, squeeze or fold the clothing or cotton quilt. After the air is exhausted, quickly pull the remaining one-third part with the slide (so that you can save a lot of time and effort when pumping with a manual pump).
4. Press the slide on your zipper several times by hand to ensure that the zipper is truly sealed.

   5. Pumping with manual air pump: Open the air nozzle cover, align the air pump with the air nozzle, and pull the piston to pump air. (When pumping large capacity bag, because the pumping time is a little longer, you don't need to take out the pump and cover it when you rest in the middle. The gas will not be sucked back).
6. Pumping with a vacuum cleaner: Open the air nozzle cover, align the suction pipe of the vacuum cleaner with the air nozzle, and open the vacuum cleaner to quickly extract and compress.
7. Open the closed zipper and take out the clothes and quilts to dry them.