Several simple and practical storage tips


A wide variety of clothes are not easy to organize, and […]

A wide variety of clothes are not easy to organize, and it is easy to lie in the closet. Too many clothes are difficult to organize, teach you a few storage tips, simple and practical, come see! The first clothes that are not often worn should be collected.

Some materials will attract bugs, so when you put on clothes, you can put a newspaper under the cabinet, because the smell of ink on the newspaper can With the effect of deworming, put a little bit of insect-proof things, so that vacuum saving bag can protect our clothes more effectively. You can buy some clothes when you store clothes, and the vacuum bag puts the clothes quilt in.

Pulling out the air inside can save space in the cabinet. The second is to collect some thin clothes in the spring. If there is no space in the house, like some of the space below the bed is larger, it can be used as our storage place.

You can buy some storage boxes at the bottom of the bed and put some thick quilt pillows in the winter, so you don't have to put them in a high place. When you use them next time, don't bother to climb up and take them down. You can also buy some tables with a lot of functions, so you can also store some clothes and use them as a stool.