Some vacuum bags purchase tips


There are many kinds of vacuum compressed bags on the m […]

There are many kinds of vacuum compressed bags on the market at present. Therefore, when we are shopping, facing so many vacuum compression bags of various styles, I don't know which one is very tangled. The following small series will come with everyone to understand the buying skills of the vacuum compression bag.

For vacuum compression bags, the most important material is the material. Therefore, the observation of the material when buying a bag is very important. In general, PET+PE bags have better adhesion, which is also the material used now when making bags. In addition, there is a PA+PE nylon composite bag. The bag of this material has strong flexibility and high adhesion, so it is not easy to leak. Therefore, when consumers buy, you need to know whether you want to buy a PET composite bag or a PA+PE nylon composite bag.

In addition to looking at the material, the details are also very important. High-quality vacuum compression bags, generally sealed and soaked the door is also very delicate, you must see clearly when buying.

Some people think that the thicker the bag, the better when buying a compression bag. But in fact, the compression bag is not as thick as possible. This is mainly related to the material of the bag. Too thick is because my bag is not soft enough, and it is easier to break the bag due to the backlog when the fold is stored.