Three key points for purchasing bags


Faced with a variety of vacuum compression bags with di […]

Faced with a variety of vacuum compression bags with different functions on the market, the people watching are dazzled. Therefore, in the face of so many compression bags, how to choose a suitable compression bag becomes even more important. Here we take the vacuum compressed bags as an example:

Point one, material. In general, the quality of the material is directly related to the quality of the product. Therefore, when consumers buy vacuum compression bags, the first thing to pay attention to is the material of the compression bag. For vacuum compression bags, the materials used are mainly PET+PE bags or PVC. The former has better adhesion and is also widely used at present; while the latter has poor adhesion and is relatively easy to leak, and consumers should pay attention to distinguish when purchasing.

Point two, thickness. Since the thickness of the bag is related to the service life of the product, the consumer should carefully distinguish when purchasing the vacuum compression bag; for the vacuum compression bag, its thickness is mainly represented by "silk", and the thickness of the general vacuum compression bag is from 6-8 silk, the larger the "wire" number, the thicker the bag.

Generally, it is better to use 6-8 filaments in the vacuum compression bag, because such a bag is moderate in thickness, and the bag is too hard and too brittle because it is too thick.
Point three, specifications. The specification is the size and capacity of the bag. When the consumer purchases the compression bag, he should choose the compression bag according to the actual situation, so as to avoid too much waste, too small and can not be installed.