Use vacuum storage bag to pack winter quilt


It's time to exchange winter and spring. The quilts in […]

It's time to exchange winter and spring. The quilts in autumn and winter are really thick. It's a headache how to clean and place them after washing and sun exposure. The space available at home is limited. How to store the space to make better use of it has also become a topic of concern.
At this time, the vacuum storage bag comes into use. It can compress the volume of quilt, and it will not occupy a lot of space. We can see its figure in the supermarket. It can take out air to reduce the volume of quilts and clothes, and it also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, mildew proof and moth proof.
When purchasing, you can choose a more durable, airtight PA + PE material. This new plastic product made of nylon and plastic is a better storage bag, even if the temperature is low, its performance will not be changed. There is also a pet + PE material, which is made of polyester and common plastics. It's better not to choose this kind of northern area, because it's easy to harden and crack in winter or when the temperature in the house is low.
It's also easy to identify materials. What feels soft is PA, and what's hard is pet. You can also knead it. When you knead it, pet is the sharp voice, and PA is the most stuffy one.
Some people think that this kind of bag is troublesome to use. In fact, if there is a vacuum cleaner at home, open the air nozzle cover on the bag, and use the vacuum cleaner to aim at the open switch to extract air for about a minute, which is convenient. If there is no vacuum cleaner, you can put the items in, pull the zipper of the seal to half, then press with your hands to exhaust the air, and then quickly pull the remaining half of the zipper, which is convenient as a whole.
However, it should be noted that the quilt must be dried for a while, and there should be no sharp objects near the place of placement, so as to avoid binding into the compression bag. Don't force anything over the capacity into it, and try not to use it to store down, especially hard down. When the down is compressed, it may break the bag due to pressure, resulting in air leakage and can not be used. The sealing quality will affect the storage effect, so pay attention to whether the zipper is clean and dust-free when sealing. If it is not well sealed, it is necessary to re seal it and ensure that it is tight.