Vacuum compression bag use precautions


Clothes, bedding, etc. should be thoroughly dried befor […]

Clothes, bedding, etc. should be thoroughly dried before being placed in a vacuum compressed bags. Do not put the insecticide, preservative and clothing into the bag at the same time, so as to avoid discoloration and deterioration of the items being collected.

Clothing, bedding and other items should be placed in the bag as much as possible, at least a few cm from the closure zipper. Do not force large items into the bag to avoid breaking the bag. Please use the compression bag of the corresponding specifications.

The zipper part of the compression bag will deform if it is bent frequently to reduce the sealing performance, so please keep the bag. Sealing the zipper part, if there are tiny fibers and dust, it will reduce the sealing performance. The solution is to wipe the zipper with a damp cloth and then close the zipper.

Sometimes there will be no air pumping out of the bag. This may be because you have removed the transparent air plug in the air bag of the compression bag. If you take out the air plug, you will not be able to extract the air. The customer should take the air. The plug is put back in order to extract the air.