What are the meanings of the vacuum bag


To put it simply, vacuum storage bags are mainly used f […]

To put it simply, vacuum storage bags are mainly used for bags containing quilts and various clothes. Its working principle is to take away the air inside the quilt clothing (as the pressure sponge will shrink), so that the volume is reduced, and the original quilt and other items are flattened by atmospheric pressure to isolate the outside air to save space.

To achieve dust, mildew, moisture, insect proof. However, although it is a vacuum compression bag, it is not an absolute vacuum. The current product is usually a vacuum cleaner or a manual air pump to remove the air inside the bag. It is now a new member of the storage family.

The vacuum compression bag has the functions of moisture proof, mildew proof, anti-mite, anti-odor, etc. The air in the compression bag and the clothes quilt is removed by the air suction tool, thereby reducing the volume and increasing the storage space effect!

The material of the compression bag is generally PE+PET bag, which has better adhesion and is also a material used in the bag. However, the disadvantage of such a vacuum compression bag is that it is relatively brittle. In addition, it is the MOPE compression bag that is common in supermarkets.

The bag of this material has poor adhesion and is easy to leak. He is particularly soft and feels better than other bags. Nowadays, the material used for exporting compression bags is PA+PE. The bag of this material has better flexibility and higher adhesion, and it is not easy to leak, so the cost is relatively high.