What is suitable for vacuum compression bag


The storage bag is mainly used for daily items such as […]

The storage bag is mainly used for daily items such as clothes, quilts and personal items.
According to the material, the storage bag mainly includes PE storage bag and non-woven storage bag; according to the purpose, there are many kinds of storage bags, including clothing storage bag, underwear socks storage bag, piecemeal storage bag, automobile supplies storage bag, etc.
The compression bag is also called PE zipper compound bag, which can effectively prevent fleas, mould, humidity, oxidation, etc., so as to keep the clothes clean. The utility model can be divided into a vacuum compression bag, an air suction quilt compression bag, a hand roll vacuum compression bag, a sitting pressure vacuum compression bag, etc.
matters needing attention:
1. Do not put feather products in bags. If you have to put them, please use bags first.
2. Dry the clothes and quilts that need to be put into the bag to prevent the clothes from deterioration.
3. Do not touch the place close to the heat source, fire, etc., and avoid using nails, needles and other hard objects to directly contact the compression bag to avoid scratching.
4. The compression bag can compress clothes, quilts, dolls, etc. it can not be used for food and animals.
5. Do not fold the zipper part of the compression bag frequently, which will cause the zipper sealing performance to decline.
6. Please keep the zipper clean. If there is any small dust or fiber, wipe it with a wet cloth.
7. When sealing the zipper, press the slide hard to slowly pull from one end of the zipper to the other end, which can be pulled several times to ensure complete sealing.
8. If the vacuum cleaner is used, the garbage of the vacuum cleaner shall be cleaned up, and the decrease of attraction shall be avoided to increase the load of the large machine, so as to cause failure (in case of bad operation, the switch shall be turned off, and the vacuum cleaner shall be used after cooling).
10. It is recommended that the time of vacuuming should be between 1-2 minutes.
11. The compression rate and recovery of bedding will be different due to different materials.
12. Before air extraction, the bag can be squeezed to exhaust some air, effectively saving the time of air extraction by the air extraction pump.

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