What is the material of antistatic bag


CPP substrate + electronic aluminum plating + PET fabri […]

CPP substrate + electronic aluminum plating + PET fabric
Anti static shielding bag is a composite product, which is widely used in the packaging of various PC boards, computer motherboards, sound cards, video cards, network cards and electrostatic sensitive high-tech electronic products.
Antistatic bags can protect electrostatic sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards to the greatest extent. Their unique Faraday cage structure forms the "induction cover" effect, so as to achieve the shielding and anti-static effect on the items in the bag. The outer wear-resistant metal coating and inner vinyl material, through complex process treatment, can achieve the perfect electrostatic shielding protection, semi transparent heat sealed bag type process The contents of the bag can be clearly identified.
The moisture-proof performance reaches level II, and the high and low temperature performance is 500C. It has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, which are proved to meet the requirements of packaging strength by mechanical strength and packaging transportation drop test. It has good processability. The conductive layer adopts coating technology and can be processed into any shape according to the user's requirements. According to the solvent migration test and aging performance test, the service life of the material is 18 years. Our national defense electrostatic bag packaging materials have reached the first international level.