What is vacuum packing bag


As the name implies, vacuum packaging bag refers to the […]

As the name implies, vacuum packaging bag refers to the extraction of air in the packaging bag, which is tightly sealed to isolate the food in the packaging bag from the outside world. In the vacuum state of packaging, the growth of aerobic microorganisms slows down or is inhibited, reducing the degradation of protein and the oxidative rancidity of fat, which can effectively prevent food spoilage and storage. In addition, after vacuum packaging, the growth of Lactobacillus and anaerobic bacteria was reduced to 5.6-5.8, further inhibiting the growth of other bacteria, thus prolonging the storage period of the product. Vacuum packaging generally needs to be combined with other common anti-corrosion methods to achieve good preservation effect, such as dehydration, adding spices, sterilization, freezing, etc.
Next, we can see that there are two methods of food vacuum packaging bag, one is the inner bag and the other is the outer bag.

1. Aluminum foil vacuum packaging bag is also known as pure aluminum bag or aluminum foil bag: the packaging technology gathers high-density metal (aluminum) on the bag, increases the barrier performance of the bag, shading, and is often used for the inner packaging and cooking bag of tea.
2. Other vacuum packaging bags: PA (nylon) / PE (reinforced) or PA (nylon) / rcpp, PET / PE, PET / rcpp and other materials are used together for the packaging
Learn about the main materials and characteristics of various food vacuum packaging bags
1. PE is suitable for low temperature use, often used for vacuum packaging of frozen food, or common boiled products.
2. Rcpp, also known as CPP, is suitable for high temperature cooking, and is a common material for producing high temperature cooking bags.
3. PA (nylon) is to increase the physical strength and puncture resistance. It is a common material for steam boiling bag and liquid bag. Nylon can enhance the tenderness and compression resistance of the bag.
4. Aluminum foil is used to increase barrier performance and light shielding. It is a common material for tea vacuum bag and cooking water bag.
5. Pet increases mechanical strength and stiffness.