Which kind of storage bag is good


There are two kinds of vacuum compression bags availabl […]

There are two kinds of vacuum compression bags available on the market. One is polyamide + polyethylene (PA + PE), and PA is commonly called nylon. It is ordinary plastic. The vacuum compression bag of PA+PE is a new type of plastic made of plastic and nylon composite. The bag made of this material is softer, has better flexibility and higher adhesion. It does not change the trait when it is cold, and it is not easy to leak. It is more durable and generally can be used for several years. Therefore, the cost of the bag of this material is relatively high. Although it is expensive, but the quality is good, as long as it is used well, it does not leak after compression, and it is durable. It is easier to use it than to spend a few times to buy a bad one, isn't it?

Another type of compression bag is made of PE+PET. PET is an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as polyester polyester. PE+PET is a composite of polyester polyester and ordinary plastic, called high-strength composite film. Generally, the PET+PE bag has better adhesion and is a material used in the current compression bag. However, the disadvantage of this bag is that it is brittle and not soft enough, especially hardening at low temperatures, resulting in easy breakage, poor adhesion, and easy to leak. It is not recommended for friends in the north to buy such bags.

There is also a MOPE bag. The MOPE bag that is common in supermarkets is such a bag. It gives you the feeling that it is particularly soft and looks better than other compression bags. In fact, this is not the case. The adhesion of this kind of bag is not good, and there are more leaks. I believe that many people have had such an experience, and they have only drained the air, and the bag is bulging again in one night.

The two kinds of bags give you the feeling that the difference is not big. Is there any way to identify these two different materials? To be honest, friends who have not used vacuum compression bags are more difficult to distinguish between true and false, but it is easy to identify if there are two kinds of bags placed together. Therefore, to identify the bags of these two different materials, it is best to compare the bags of two different materials together.