With this compression bag, the second is a master


Every time I travel, no matter how big my suitcase is, […]

Every time I travel, no matter how big my suitcase is, I don't think it's enough. Why can't you bring more beautiful clothes? Catching up with the sudden cooling down, I realized how wrong it was to take no cotton-padded clothes. Because the suitcase is too small, but if there is a magic weapon, you can take more clothes without adding suitcases? Today I would like to recommend such an artifact to you.

Use vacuum compression bag. Vacuum compression bags can discharge excess air and turn clothes into thin pieces, which can reduce unnecessary waste of some space. It is a good choice.

Moreover, the compression bag has good bearing capacity and toughness, and it is extremely durable. Even if two adults pull hard, it is intact and well-used. It can be used for seven or eight years. Another advantage of the compression bag is that it is fast, and it is really convenient without using pumps.

The dormitory space is so small, each person has a cabinet, it's a bit hard to load the clothes of the four seasons. When the season changes, quilts and thick clothes will have no place to put. Compressed bags are strongly recommended here. Once the air is sucked away by hand and electricity, there is no need to worry about the problem of acceptance.

Cautions for the use of vacuum compression bags:
(1) Clothes and bedding should be fully dried before they are put into the collection bag. Do not put insect repellents, preservatives and bedclothes in the bag at the same time, so as to avoid discoloration and deterioration of the collected articles.
(2) Clothing, bedding and other items should be placed in the bag as far as possible, at least cm away from the zipper closure. Do not force large items into the bag to avoid breaking the opening. Please select the appropriate size of the compression bag.