Five tips for collecting clothes


Every time you pack clothes, you are bothered. What abo […]

Every time you pack clothes, you are bothered. What about a lot of clothes? Teach you the secrets of five collections to help you make more room.
Roll up
The reel storage method is believed to have been tried by many people, but such a storage method has an important secret, that is, it is tightly wound and rolled into a stone-like hardness to be truly effective.
2, plastic wrap collection
Wrap the clothes with plastic wrap and then squeeze them to compress the clothes. Next time you can try to pack the clothes with plastic wrap.
3, plastic bags
With a plastic bag, the clothes can be squeezed after being difficult to fit, which can effectively increase the storage space.
4, vacuum compression bag
If you say that the most space-saving storage method is nothing more than a vacuum compression bag. Put the clothes into the bag and then pull out the air inside, which will save a lot of space.