Function of compression bag


Compression bags (vacuum compression bags) also known a […]

Compression bags (vacuum compression bags) also known as PE zipper composite bags can effectively prevent fleas, molds, moisture, oxidation and so on, so that clothing is clean and preserved. It can be divided into vacuum compression bag, suction quilt compression bag, hand rolled vacuum compression bag, hand pressed vacuum compression bag and so on.

Compressed bags are very common in our daily life, but we may still think that compressed bags are the vacuum bags of the same kind of food in the past, more importantly.
We can keep our clothes and quilts just like food. And clothing compression bags will be more stringent than our food vacuum bags, the quality requirements are also very high, especially for the material requirements are more stringent, so the purchase of compression bags must see clearly the material. The standard materials and uses of compression bags are introduced below.
Material: Nylon + polyethylene + nylon (PA + PE + PA) (new process material, five-layer copolymerization, super-flexible thickening and leak-proof);
In our daily life, people always feel overwhelmed by the clothes cabinet filled with quilts. With various sizes of "vacuum compression bag", the problem is solved. It can not only liberate your wardrobe, but also achieve the effect of moisture-proof, insect-proof, clean and preservation with its unique sealing design.
A: Vacuum cleaner or vacuum pump is easy to operate.
B: It can prevent fleas, fungi, dampness, stench, etc. and keep clothes clean and preserved.
C: After clothing is compressed, the storage space becomes larger.