Identify true and false vacuum bags from materials


The vacuum compressed bags materials commonly used so f […]

The vacuum compressed bags materials commonly used so far are generally selected from PA+PE, PET+PE, MOPE and PVC. The best material now should be nylon+polyethylene (PA+PE), vacuum compression of PA+PE. The bag is made of a new plastic compounded with nylon and plastic. This material is a prerequisite for ensuring no air leakage. It is relatively flexible and durable. It does not change the traits when it is cold, but because of the high cost, domestic manufacturers rarely use this material.

PA+PE can burn slowly when it is burned. The flame is bright, the bottom is blue, the upper end is yellow, the molten droplets continue to burn, and the smokeless melt drops the smell of candle blowing and burning wool. The PET+PE material is another well-known material. PET is commonly known as polyester polyester. The disadvantage is that it is not soft enough, especially hardening and rupturing at low temperatures. For geographical differences, the northern region is obviously not suitable.

So what is the way to distinguish between these two different materials? In fact, it is a bit like real and fake banknotes in practice. Contrast is the key. Therefore, to identify two different materials, it is best to compare the two together. The method is: one touch, the softer feel is PA material, the harder one is PET material. Second, listen to it by hand, the sound is more blunt is PA material, the sound is sharp and harsh is PET material. The third is to put the two materials in the freezer of the refrigerator for a while, and the harder one is PET. Nowadays, many brands of compression bags on the Internet sell very cheaply. It is also exaggerated to say that PA+PE should attract people's attention.

The advantage of MOPE is that it is particularly soft, with the disadvantage of poor adhesion and more gas leakage. Now it is gradually being eliminated by the market. I believe that many people have experienced it. It is easy to pump the air and it will be swelled again in one night. PVC is obviously not environmentally friendly. PVC is difficult to burn, it is extinguished when it leaves the fire. It burns yellow-orange, green on the edge, emits white smoke, and sprays light green and yellow flame. The vacuum compression bag can draw a stimulating hydrogen chloride smell.