Winter down jacket quilt is difficult to store? Teach you a trick, get it in 3 minutes!


Every year to the season, it is time to change the seas […]

Every year to the season, it is time to change the seasons. Thick quilts, blankets, and sweaters all take up space. Three large storage boxes can't hold winter clothes.

Down jackets and coats are more difficult to wear for more than 8 months. These clothes are placed directly in the closet. The damp environment is also exposed to the moisture and moisture, and the moldy insects and molds cause odors. How to do it?

Compressed bags are very common in our daily life, but we may still think that the compression bag is the vacuum bag of the previous kind of food, and we can't think of our clothes quilts can be kept like food.

Moreover, vacuum garment compression bags are more stringent than our food vacuum bags, and the quality requirements are also very high, especially the material requirements are more stringent.

After the clothes are compressed, you can save 75% of the space, and the closet will double. Because it is vacuum compression, the original air is removed from the air, and the volume becomes smaller. It is like squashing the sponge by hand.

More clothes quilts, gently pressed, thinned into a lightning.