How to identify compression bags


The vacuum compression bags that are popular on the mar […]

The vacuum compression bags that are popular on the market today are mainly made of two materials, one is PA+PE. PA is an abbreviation for polyamide, commonly known as nylon, and PE is an abbreviation for polyethylene, as a common plastic. The vacuum compression bag of PA+PE is a new type of plastic compounded with nylon and plastic. It is soft, does not change traits when exposed to low temperatures, and is more durable.

The other is PET+PE. PET is an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as polyester polyester. PET+PE is also a composite of polyester polyester and ordinary plastic. The vacuum compression bag made of PET+PE is not soft enough, especially hard and crack at low temperature. It is better for friends in the north to use this bag.So how do you identify two different materials? In fact, they can be seen at a glance from their characteristics.

We can naturally distinguish them from each other. Therefore, when identifying, it is best to compare the two together. The specific three vacuum compression bag method: a touch, softer feel is PA material, harder is PET material. Second, the hand squats, the sound is more blunt is PA material, the sound is sharp and harsh is PET material. The third is to put the two materials in the refrigerator freezer for a while, the harder is PET material.Nowadays, many brands of compression bags on the Internet sell very cheaply, and it is also said to be PA+PE.

In fact, the cost of the bag of PA + PE material is there, and it is unimaginable to be cheap. When it comes to this consumer, it is necessary to beware. In fact, the reason for their price reduction is that the merchants make some PA+PE recycled materials into compressed bags to reduce costs and thus carry out low-cost promotions. Consumers should distinguish between the transparency of the bag and the purity ratio of the light transmission of the bag.