Travel essentials waterproof compression bag


Waterproof compression bags seem to be dispensable, but […]

Waterproof compression bags seem to be dispensable, but I believe that people who travel frequently must consider starting one after experiencing all kinds of inconveniences.

Firstly, as a waterproof bag, it can prevent the items from getting wet when it is raining or falling. Secondly, as a compression bag, it can isolate and store the contents of the backpack, such as changing clothes, etc. Of course, it can also be used as a water buoy at some emergency.

Can be used in multiple scenarios, such as water sports: swimming, boating, fishing, etc.; hiking: camping, hiking, adventure travel, long-distance light travel.

This waterproof compression bag is made of PVC material. The unique static seal ensures optimal sealing after sealing, ie airtight sealing, to prevent moisture from penetrating through the bag mouth due to capillary phenomenon.

When used, tighten the compression band of the waterproof bag and the internal air will be automatically discharged.

View the contents easily through the transparent window on the surface.