How to choose a vacuum compression bag?


1. When pumping, squat or sit on the compression bag as […]

1. When pumping, squat or sit on the compression bag as much as possible to keep less air in the bag, then tighten the seal and continue to kneel or sit and pump. sitting is equal to always having a heavy object pressed against the air in the clothes, which is easier than always using the arm. When pumping, let the air outlet on the compression bag sink into the clothes, so that the cover is not easily knocked out after the cover is adjusted to adjust the direction of the handle.

2. If the compression bag is large, when packing the baggage, the compression bag can be flattened into the trunk and then the clothes can be stuffed into the compression bag and then pumped, so as to avoid the size of the hard-wearing clothes after the pumping is larger than the size of the suitcase. . However, it is not recommended to squat or sit on the clothes at this time because it is possible to bend the luggage lever. Last year's first-year semester personal experience, leading to the tie rods detached, I took 30 kilograms of luggage from Guangxi Beihai to Jinan.

3. Avoid compressing the bag and hitting sharp objects. See a method in Amazon's comments: If you accidentally scratch the compression bag, use a transparent glue to stick to the broken place as a patch. I would like to add that the transparent plastic with different color from the compression bag is better on both sides, which is beneficial to find the damaged part when the repair is repeated, and the anti-intake effect is better.

4. When the compression bag is not in use, you can use two clips to hang on the hanger, like hanging pants. It is not recommended to fold the storage, which is easy to damage the seal and the bag surface.