Practical storage tips


The pace of starting school in September is close. For […]

The pace of starting school in September is close. For the students who are renting out of the house, the first thing is to do some accommodation. The special house said that the furniture rental is most often encountered when the furniture is not suitable, the space is too small and difficult to use, and the furniture is difficult to move. If you are right, don't worry about it. Especially the desks and chairs that affect the efficiency of reading, you need to ask for both function and quality. You can easily create a comfortable nest by simply ingeniously making the home environment “micro-reconstructed”.

The community group purchase network ihergo loves to buy for nearly a week and found that the search volume of storage, bedding, cleaning, cleaning and other keyword growth has increased by more than 40%, which is closely related to the preparation of students for housing. Love to buy also suggests that the desk should have more desktop storage boxes; the most recent "vacuum compression bag" in recent years, can save 70% space, do not have to worry about the explosion of the wardrobe.

Love to buy also teach storage secrets, we must make proper use of basic equipment and wall, such as the purchase of hooks and hanging storage baskets, can be stored in the bed or wall, storage space can be stacked in the closet Socks, close-fitting or light clothing.