Non-woven compression bag in the field of clothing


Due to the good environmental performance of the non-wo […]

Due to the good environmental performance of the non-woven bag, it has been rapidly developed in the field of packaging. Now a new type of non-woven bag appears in front of everyone - non-woven compression bags.
The non-woven compression bag refers to a packaging bag made of a non-woven fabric with good environmental performance as a raw material and processed by a compression bag. This new type of bag is widely used in the field of clothing.
Due to the advantages of elasticity, opacity drapability, pilling and stretchability of the non-woven bag compression bag, as well as unique functions, such as the non-woven bag is not easy to loose and slip, you can directly participate in the edge. The design does not require the ironing and seaming of the seam of the garment, so it is widely used in the garment industry.