Several common specifications for vacuum compression bags


Recently, I often hear people talk about vacuum compres […]

Recently, I often hear people talk about vacuum compression bags, how to do it. However, Xiao Bian is a fog. Therefore, in order to better understand the needs of customers, Xiaobian has studied vacuum compression bags.
To put it simply, a vacuum compression bag is a bag that draws air away and naturally compresses at atmospheric pressure. The working principle means that the air inside the quilt clothing is taken away (like the pressure sponge will shrink), so that the volume is reduced, and the originally expanded quilt and the like are crushed by the atmospheric pressure to isolate the outside air to save space. .
At present, the common vacuum compression bag specifications on the market mainly include: 1. Small (45*70) can put 6 to 8 sweaters, down jackets, cotton coats, etc.; 2, medium (60*80) can put 10-15 pieces of clothing. Or pillows, thin quilts, sheets, etc. 2, large (70 * 100) can put a 1.8 * 2 m double quilt; 3, extra large (80 * 100) can put a 1.8 * 2 quilt;
The extra large (100*100) can hold two 1.5*2 meter quilts or a thicker large quilt.